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New Course - Certificate in Paralegal Studies


The Paralegal College UK was founded by Dr John Olsson who an internationally recognised forensic linguist whose work has led him to give evidence in court rooms around the world, including in the USA, Australia, Canada and Singapore, in addition to courts in the UK. His main speciality is the authorship of anonymous documents, such as hoax letters, product contamination threats and kidnap and other ransom demands.

In addition, he is an expert in linguistic aspects of code-breaking. He is the author of Forensic Linguistics and Wordcrime (both published by Bloomsbury Publishing). He has worked on every major type of crime from murder to terrorism, assault of all types, fraud and forgery, narcotics distribution, organised crime and kidnap and other forms of extortion.

At the Paralegal College, the focus is on helping paralegals and law apprentices to become ‘legally useful’ in as short a time as possible. Dr John Olsson, founder of Paralegal College has used over twenty years of academic and practical experience of the law, including as a law graduate and lecturer in the law, and more recently on the Bar Professional Training Course, to bring courses to paralegals which are directed towards understanding how the law works in practice. The aim is to help the student engage with the practical aspects of the law quickly and efficiently.

All our courses are accredited by the Institute of Paralegals. The courses are straightforwardly about how to apply the law. We want you to become a knowledgeable and useful paralegal. Our courses contain all the necessary theory as well as helping you to develop your practical skills and apply your knowledge of the law.

Introduction to Paralegal Studies Award: This is a Level 3 Award which consists of Foundations of Law and any two of these three modules – Contract Law, Criminal Law and Tort Law.

Certificate in Paralegal Studies: This is a Level 4 Certificate consists of Foundations of Law, Civil Litigation and Procedure, Contract Law, Criminal Law and Tort Law.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to our students and giving you all the support and feedback you need to succeed.

If you want to become a qualified paralegal, why not choose the UK's leading range of paralegal qualifications?

If you have not studied law before, but wish to start a legal career, take a look at the Award or Certificate in Paralegal Studies qualification. It provides you with the underpinning knowledge which will help you in your day-to-day work and will also give a person general knowledge of the law. The qualification is divided into units and is assessed by way of assignments and examinations.

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