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Analisa Murphy - University of London Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Graduate 2010

Currently - Attorney-at-Law

“My experience at the College of Legal Studies…The word motivating reads as the reasons for pursuing particular goals in life. This would just describe a fraction of the unique care and dedication flowing from the staff of the institution towards its students. Lecturers are not there to guide but because they understand what it takes to be successful, their approach instills that spirit of application and achievement in students and because of their passion they are able to identify shortcomings and individually assist students to reach their full potential. Administrative staff also portray no lesser, from the warmth of a smile in the morning to their patience when assistance is needed. The college is simply the only solution to achieve success!"

Djallon Frederick - University of London Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Graduate 2010, LPC 2011

Currently - Attorney-at-Law

“My experience at the school was one of that many a student would boast about. I was given all the information I needed for each subject, access to journals a and legal data bases, adequate question evaluation and developed great relationships with my teachers that allowed me to have access to them when I needed them, I would rate the school as definite ten out of ten".

Sean Lewis – The University of London - Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Programme Graduate 2015

"My experience with the College of Legal Studies has been truly a blessing. The growth of being in the Legal Environment has develop my self-confidence and ability to protect myself in a more assertive manner. My lectures groomed my public speaking ability and overall ability to portray my point of view.

The academic excellence provided at CLS is a learning environment in which I am proud to be a part of. The warm and friendly staff facilitate the needs of the students which complements to not only an institution focusing on achieving excellence, but also a family promoting personal development".

Lexis Siu-Jagdeo – Current final year student – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Programme

My name is Lexis Siu-Jagdeo, I’m 20 years of age and a youth leader at my local church. I completed the Diploma in Law at the College of Legal Studies and presently, I am in Year 3 of the LLB programme. The College of Legal Studies isn’t merely an institution that provides the necessary means for excelling but it is home away from home! You feel welcomed by the hospitable environment and positively spirited lecturers and staff. Their approach to teaching challenges and incites growth in critical thinking, problem solving and professionalism which has been instrumental in propelling me forward in my studies.

I express my absolute gratitude towards the lectures and staff for their continued support, guidance and attentiveness which motivated me to push beyond my boundaries to strive for excellence while on this academic pursuit. If one desires the tools for excelling in the high demand that the University of London programmes require and the mindset for personal success in life, then the College of Legal Studies is the place to be!

Jahan S. Persad – Current Student - Third Year, Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

I have been a student at the College of Legal Studies for the past 4 years. If anything, it feels more like a home than an educational institute. The still friendly and welcoming atmosphere played a major part when I now entered because if I wasn't in a place where I felt comfortable, I would not be able to learn. The quality of teaching, the support of my teachers inside and outside the classroom as well as the accessibility and availability of resources here at the College of Legal studies is nothing less than outstanding.

I have completed the Diploma in Law and is now in my second year of the LLB. I study smart while attempting to maintain a balance outside of law.

Easier said than done...

I believe that a person's determination as well as the support of family helps to achieve success.

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