Procedure for forwarding APPLICATION FORMS to CLS

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law

The following procedure takes place if a person is interested in pursuing the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law.

  1. Application – The applicant will be required to complete an Application Form provided by the College and the relevant application fee must be paid. The applicant must also provide the College with all the documentary evidence required. (See Checklist)

  2. Assessment – An applicant is required to sit an Administration Test Provided by the University of London International Programmes, which is marked by the Chief Administrator (CA) of the College.

  3. Interview – Upon correction of the Assessment, the applicant is contacted to set up an interview at an appropriate date. 

  4. Registration – Upon successful completion of the interview, candidates will then be required to complete the registration process with the College. The College is responsible for the Pre registration process with the University of London. Once this is completed the University will contact the student via email to complete the process and pay the necessary fees to the University.


  1.      Copy of Identification Card Or Copy of Passport    

  2.      Copy of Birth paper                       

  3.      Copy of Results - CSEC/CXC Results  

  4.      CLS Registration Fee Paid

  5.      Down Payment on Tuition Paid                

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  1. Application - On or before registering with the College students are required to complete the ULIP online application process which is submitted to the international body together with all necessary documents and fess. For University applications for the LLB the relevant documentation as evidence of qualifications must be collected by Administration and is verified by the Chief Administrator.

  2. Registration - Upon receipt of the offer letter students are required to complete the registration process with the College. Please ensure that you have all that is necessary to register with CLS ( see Checklist). Administration will post notices indicating the deadline for submitting the relevant fees for forwarding to the University. This process is done online through the student’s Virtual Learning Environment.  The College will also act as the centre to receive any correspondence on behalf of students from the university.



     1.  Copy of Identification Card Or Copy of Passport    

     2.  Copy of Birth paper                      

     3.  Copy of Results - CSEC/A’ Levels / Diploma/ Degree /Transcript

     4.  CLS Registration Fee Paid

     5.  Down Payment on Tuition Paid                                            

Our helpful administrative staff are also able to provide you with personalised advice on study options and assist you with your degree planning. Make an appointment to talk to our staff, or if you have questions about how to apply.

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